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Toner Cartridge Recycling

DMP are proud to be partnered with Planet Ark to offer toner cartridge recycling to our customers through the ‘Close The Loop’ program.

All printer consumables including inkjet and toner cartridges, waste bottles, fusers and drums can be recycled.

How it works?

We arrange for a cartridge collection box to be placed at your office. Each box comes with plastic liners and zip ties. Once you have a bag or two zipped up and ready, simply call or email to arrange collection.

Alternatively, you are welcome to drop off your empty cartridges to our office/showroom conveniently located on the outskirts of the city at 3 Maple Ave. Forestville.

Why recycling printer cartridges?

Printer cartridges are made up of a combination of plastics, foam, ink & toner. Environmental benefits of recycling your cartridges include:

  • Reducing electronic waste in landfill;
  • Recovering resources such as plastics, metals and inks that can be used to make new products;
  • Energy savings. Making products from recycled products usually uses less water and energy than making them from new; and
  • Reduce greenhouse gases

Call 8371 3486 or email service@dmp.com.au today to arrange your toner cartridge recycling today.

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