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Document Management Solutions

Document management doesn’t have to be difficult.

At DMP we aim to provide your organisation with the best possible overall document management solution, making your organisation more efficient and cost effective at every stage of the document creation and handling process.

It is important to know how your documents are created, stored and used as it is often possible to decrease the costs incurred at the various stages of document creation. Once we've identified how your document workflow is being managed, we can offer a variety of strategies to improve and maintain it. We know the range and benefits of the available technology and, more importantly, the limitations and the impact it can have on your workplace.

The close business relationships that DMP have formed with a wide range of manufacturers and vendors ensure that we are kept up to the minute with the very latest in the business technology field.

We can assist with:

  • Scanning & records management
  • Document workflow, business process & output
  • Cost accounting & recovery
  • Mobile printing solutions



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